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Coaching Agreement


One of the first things we do is to set up a weekly call time. This is a set day and time every week in which you can talk to your coach, usually for . a 45-minute session. If you need a longer coaching session, we. we can easily arrange that ahead of time. If you don't have a lot to talk about in a given week, then it is a simple check-in. The benefit of agreeing upon a consistent day and time each week is to better plan your week and ensure that your coach will be available. Through years of coaching experience we find that a regular time works best for busy people. Otherwise, they postpone speaking to their coach until they are in a crisis situation. We are looking for breakthrough results and that requires consistent and persistent effort.

1.2. E-MAIL
E-mail is an additional and useful method for communicating with your coach. You can send to your coach:

  • Documents for review
  • Data you want analyzed
  • Already analyzed data for review or coach instruction
  • Homework assignments (see Section 1.3)
  • Updates or communication regarding schedules, etc.

Most of the individuals we coach are already successful. However, they are looking for improvement or a breakthrough in one or more aspects of their job. The coach gives assignments related to existing work needing completion.

Our clients find that one of the benefits of coaching is to hold individuals accountable regarding their promises. Busy people have day to day crises to handle which can postpone longer term goal / activities. Also, there are necessary tasks that you find unappealing or fearful so having a coach holding you accountable ensures these important and necessary tasks are accomplished by the agreed upon deadline.

Normally, a coach will schedule a monthly face-to-face coaching session that replaces the regularly scheduled coaching call. The meeting can be at your office (see 1.5), at a restaurant, or other location that is conducive to a conversation. It isn't uncommon to take a walk. It may be at the same scheduled time or a different time more convenient to both of your schedules. If travel time/cost are prohibitive then these visits can be done either using video teleconferencing or using Skype.

On-site visits are useful to orient the coach to your work environment, to see your business operations, and casually meet your business colleagues. In consulting assignments, these visits are instrumental in facilitating the process improvement.

If the client is initiating an improvement process, then the coach can either:

  • Lead the team
  • Sit in the room as a support to the client
  • Coach the client before the meeting on the tools and methods that will ensure a successful implementation

If you cannot make a regularly scheduled coaching call, please notify your coach. We will make every effort to find a different time to talk. However, missed calls/appointments do not change the monthly retainer cost. You will be charged for the session whether or not you use your coach's services.


We feel that to realize business goals and objectives takes time. There are instances where we can generate results sooner, but a commitment of at least six months will give both client and coach a real chance to see positive change. There is a price benefit if the client signs a one-year contract.

Contracts are renewed and renegotiated six weeks before the end of the contract period.

MindSpring prefers to use a flat fee monthly retainer. This allows our clients to budget for our services with no surprises. The monthly retainer includes:

  • Four coaching calls or three calls and one visit
  • All e-mail exchanges during the month

Occasionally, our clients need additional help in making business improvements. This can range from strategic marketing and Future Searches to customer support and employee incentive programs. When the coach acts as a consultant, there is a separate proposal given to our client with a total cost estimate as well as a breakdown of the charges.

If MindSpring is not the best resource for your need, we will make recommendations of other reputable providers that you can use.

The travel costs are not included in our monthly retainer fees. If the coach drives to meet the client, we will charge the normal mileage rate. If we travel by car but due to the distance need to stay overnight then the hotel costs and meals will be charged to the client.

If we need to fly in order to meet with our clients then the client will be billed for:

  • Round-trip tickets
  • Car rental and gas
  • Hotel costs
  • Meals

MindSpring will provide the client with a form and copies of all the receipts and will send it to the client within 30 days of the visit. We will make every effort to reduce costs to the client for any out-of-town travel expenses.


Each person we coach will be charged $1300 per month for a six month long contract and $1100 per month for a year long contract. This charge entitles you to 48 coaching calls annually, or approximately 4 calls per month. This fee may change, however, based upon a change in the nature of the engagement, if, for example, the client requires more than 4 coaching sessions a month or on-site interventions.

If you sign up for a year long contract, $100 of your monthly fee will be donated to Enterprise Mentor's International (www.enterprise-mentors.org). This is a non-profit organization providing micro-loans, mentoring and business support to individuals in third world countries. You will receive a certificate from Mentor's indicating you have donated $1200 as a deduction from your personal or corporate taxes.

* This is not an official contract; please refer to your individual contract for specific details.