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Sandi Claudell

Sandi brings a unique set of talents to her coaching and consulting. A former software design engineer, she:

  • Managed a worldwide software support organization
  • Was the quality manager in a research and design organization for wafer fabrication (microchips) and surface mount technology
  • Is a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma (a discipline in problem solving and advanced statistics including mentoring managers and their employees)
  • Is a Lean Master (Toyota Motors Japan) and has worked as a consultant for companies like Ford Motors (UAW and Management) to initiate worldwide improvements including:
    • Lean Manufacturing (JIT)
    • Quick Changeovers
    • Total Productive Maintenance
    • Error-proofing Devices
    • Visual Workplaces
    • Quality performance measures
    • Lean management
    • Lean process improvement
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • 5 S methodology
  • Has started and works with non-profit organizations supporting hospital ICUs
  • Was trained as a professional coach (Landmark Education)
  • Coaches managers (CEOs to entry level) regarding:
    • Improving their personal and organizational productivity and effectiveness
    • How to effectively lead their team and solve personnel issues
    • Supply chain and inventory management
    • Strategic planning and deployment
    • How to lead Future Searches and forecast the probability of success or failure (based upon mathematical modeling)
    • What research and design tools and methods to use (QFD, Concurrent Engineering, Design of Experiments, mathematical models, software applications, etc.)
    • Data collection and analysis including:
      • Deciding where, when, and how to collect data
      • What is the right analysis tool to use
      • What conclusions and actions to take based upon data
  • Employee incentive programs (based upon valid performance measures that promote the desired corporate behaviors)
  • Launching and maintaining improvement initiatives
  • Transforming improvement efforts into dollars-and-cents savings
  • Creating ready-reference documents for busy executives (SW, HD and Project Management)
  • Helping managers interpret data and engineering reports
  • Researching new technology solutions and made recommendations to solve operational problems
  • Coaches individuals in their own career advancement
  • Helps individuals (entrepreneurs) start their own business and make a profit within the first two years of operation

Sandi believes all individuals have talent and abilities. She listens to their goals, ideas, and provides support and encouragement to realize their full potential and reach tangible (measurable) goals.